Recruitment Obstacles

"First impressions are essential during the hiring process for both the candidate and the prospective employer. To attract outstanding talent, it's important for job adverts to be clear about what the company is looking for and accurately reflect the role's typical duties and responsibilities," according to the recruitment experts at Indeed.

With so much to say in such little space, it is difficult for many recruiters to write successful job ads that draw the attention of suitable candidates for their companies. For this reason, we share CareerBuilder's top tips for writing compelling job ads.

How to Write Effective Job Ads?

  1. Choose Relevant Job Titles and Keywords

    While advertising for a "Sales Rock Star" or "Software Ninja" may seem fun to make your job posting stand out, it's more likely to get buried in organic searches. Most job seekers aren't going to be searching for creative job titles. Better try to optimize your job titles for search.

  2. Make your Ad Easy to Look At

    Branded job postings tend to get more attention, and postings that include a recruitment video do even better. Simply put, job seekers are looking for just about anything other than long blocks of text – so make sure to present things like job requirements, desired skills and benefits in the form of bulleted lists.

  3. Set Clear Expectations

    Be upfront about potential deal-breakers (such as significant travel time or possible overtime hours) as well as success factors. After all, hiring successful people is much easier when everyone involved understands what success in that particular role looks like.

  4. Cut Out the Fat

    The average job seeker spends fewer than 30 seconds reviewing a job posting. Candidates must understand the role and expectations surrounding it, but brevity is key to capturing their attention. Keep the content of your job posting brief and to the point.

  5. Employ the "Real Estate Rule"

    Location of text is everything in your ad. Put the most crucial information at the top of the ad, followed by pertinent details about the role itself. The most engaging and exciting content should fall above the fold to capture candidates' attention and compel them to read further.

  6. Include your Location

    The job location is possibly the most critical factor in job seekers' minds – behind perhaps only salary and benefits –. For many candidates, it's a deal-breaker, so if you don't want to waste time and effort chasing candidates who simply cannot or will not be able to make the necessary commute, be sure to let them know where the job is located right away.

  7. Don't Ignore Compensation

    It should be no surprise that salary plays a major role in a candidate's decision to accept a job offer or even apply. So, if you know you offer competitive compensation, say so. If you don't, talk about what you can offer instead – benefits, employee perks or company culture.

  8. Don't Forget to Sell

    An essential step in creating solid job postings is ensuring candidates can identify the job, where it is, and whether it's in their desired field. Ask yourself two questions: "What will candidates love about this job?" and "What do employees say they love about your company?"

  9. Don't Try to Be Something You're Not

    By just being honest about who you are as an employer and what your company culture is like, you'll start seeing the wrong candidates weed themselves out, making the suitable candidates that much easier to spot.

  10. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

    Creating an engaging job ad is not an easy task. Finding a balance of informational and engaging content is a challenge. So don't be afraid to ask for guidance. We encourage you to start a conversation in the 17th Floor Forum or contact an expert from our community using our Member Directory.

What other tips would you add to this list for writing effective job ads? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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