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"A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises the morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances workforce retention. Job satisfaction, collaboration, and work performance are all enhanced. And, most importantly, a positive workplace environment reduces stress in employees", according to Dr. Pragya Agarwal.

"In a time when many employees can easily feel disengaged and disconnected from company culture, it is more important than ever for employers and leaders to truly understand how to foster a strong workplace culture that is meaningful and resonates with their people," says Johanna Van Bilsen.

However, the new post-pandemic reality reveals profound changes in how we work and the way employers and employees engage with each other. For this reason, some managers need to create a well-thought plan that applies to their company and employees to foster a positive workplace culture. Johanna Van Bilsen suggests 6 key elements to have in mind:

  1. A Strong Vision Statement

    A statement that is authentic to the company's work to help orient employees, clients and suppliers to the purpose and direction of the organization while inspiring trust and engagement.

  2. Values

    Values are the guidelines that establish the necessary behaviours and mindset needed to make the vision a reality. Weave values into performance management evaluations, provide feedback on how to live the values, tie values to recognition measures, ensure visibility of values in your organization and incorporate values into a common language used by all staff.

  3. Practices, Procedures and Policies

    Practices, procedures and policies are how the vision and values become ingrained and supported by everyday work. They ensure everyone is working from the same playbook. Assess practices, procedures and policies through an equitable lens to ensure they are fair for everyone and are not underpinned by discrimination or inequality.

  4. The Organization's History

    It tells the company's journey and reinforces the workplace culture. To know where the company will go, it is essential to know where it came from, who helped get it off the ground and why, and the key milestones that led to where we are today. Do your people know the key events of your company's history?

  5. Environment

    It is the physical aspect of a virtual and in-person workplace. This directly impacts the employees' productivity, health and safety, comfort, concentration, job satisfaction and overall morale. An unsafe or unfavourable workplace environment leads to stress, errors, injuries, distractions and decreased performance.

  6. People

    People are what bring your culture to life. Ensure you take the time to find the right talent and hire people who hold similar values and can add to your workplace culture in a positive way.

According to Kristina Martic, "94% of executives believe strong company culture is key to business success, yet the average score about employees' satisfaction with their organization's culture, on a scale from 1 to 100, was only 65". This shows us that managers still have a long way to go to ensure a positive workplace culture within their companies.

What carries the most weight in fostering a positive corporate culture?

Work environment
Values and practices
Procedures and policies
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