HR Automation

“During the next few years, 60% of HR departments are expected to invest in predictive analysis, 53% in HR automation, and 47% in artificial intelligence, but why?” according to Zippia.

HR departments spend too many hours a week on administrative and repetitive work. However, we cannot entirely eliminate all of these tasks because they are essential for daily functioning. What’s more, they are often the basis for planning more complex processes and projects.

For this reason, we need to count on technology and modernize our businesses. It might feel difficult or expensive for some companies, but the ROI can be worthwhile.

As Gilles Champagne says, “technology has embedded itself into virtually everything we do in payroll”. Automation will make tasks less tedious and data available and updated for everyone in the company, bringing more benefits than drawbacks.

What is HR automation?

According to Shani Jay, “Human Resources Automation (HR Automation) uses software to digitize and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, including employee onboarding administration, payroll, timekeeping, and benefits administration.”

Now more than ever, the pandemic has introduced us all to a digital world, and HR management is no exception. It has incorporated new technologies to HRM and payroll to save time, money, and to avoid human error in manual processes.

Experts say that using technology wisely can help free up time for HR and benefits staff to focus on more strategic tasks. According to Nucleus Research, HR administrators spend 45 to 120 minutes processing each new employee benefit activation and up to three full workweeks (120 hours) each year to complete benefits enrolment. Organizations can expect to recover between 70% and 90% of administrator time through HR automation, which we see as another cost area.

Software for HR Automation

We have gathered a list of different software options that you might find helpful to take your HRM workflow to the next level.

  1. DLGL Technologies Corporation

    One integrated portal for managing your complete Human Capital Lifecycle.

  2. CanPay Software Inc

    A cloud-based and desktop payroll solutions since 1985.

  3. eNETEmployer Services

    Provides access to some of the most advanced online payroll and HR technology solutions in Canada.

  4. Nethris

    Provides human capital management solutions that lighten the workload of paymasters and managers.

  5. Workday

    Delivers human capital management, payroll, time tracking, financial management, planning, and analytics applications for organizations ranging from midsize businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises.

Have you implemented HR automation in your organization? What software would you recommend to colleagues? Please let us know in the comments box below. 

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