Recruitment Obstacles

If you participated in this month's panel discussion, "Matching Employers' Needs with Workers' Aspirations," you heard how experts Jake Hirsch-Allen (North America Workforce Development and Higher Ed System Lead at LinkedIn) and the 17th Floor Board of Advisors member, Marna Lagerquist (Talent Acquisition and Development Manager at 4Refuel) couldn't express enough the importance of employee recognition.

"Employee recognition is the open acknowledgment and praise of employee behaviour or achievement. Organizations use it to express appreciation, motivate employees, and reinforce desired behaviour. If you regularly give out authentic, deserved recognition to employees, you'll be closer to unlocking their full potential," according to Natalie Wickham.

Recruitment Obstacles

"Recognition for work is one of the top drivers of candidate attraction," continues Natalie Wickham. Marna Lagerquist couldn't agree more. As she explains in the 17th Floor webinar, “Employee engagement and work culture is paramount because even when we're recruiting, candidates want to know where are they getting into."

By giving importance to employee recognition, employers will see immediate boosts in employee engagement and performance, which will lead to the company's development. Some simple, but effective ways of employee recognition suggested by Hppy are:

- Give shout-outs and encourage peer-to-peer recognition

- Offer fun projects or professional/personal development opportunities

- Take them to lunch or throw a competition, or party

- Distribute non-cash rewards

- Just say thank you!

For more creative ideas of employee recognition you can read the 17th Floor article about “6 Clever Ways to Recognize Employees and Drive Motivation” and "7 Smart Practices for Fixing Low Employee Engagement.

Does your company have an employee recognition plan? How much of your company's budget is destined for these types of programs? Tell us in the comments below.  

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