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"With the global pandemic transforming how many people feel about fundamental aspects of their lives, including their jobs, the manager-employee relationship has become even more critical—holding workforces together and helping organizations build and lead adaptable teams. Today's payroll managers need to be more people-centric than ever before," according to Michael French.

"Effective payroll managers know how to deal with a range of people. Polished written and verbal communication, customer service and conflict resolution skills are all essential for managing people and their expectations. Payroll managers also need to possess self-initiative, outstanding time management skills and similar qualities to handle their heavy workload and lead their team effectively," describes Robert Half.

All these soft skills, along with hard skills like proficiency in math, compliance, payroll software, etc., seem mandatory to be a successful payroll manager. Although, there's more these leaders can do if they want to connect and lead their teams into growth and success. Michael French shares his 4 steps for payroll managers to coalesce a committed payroll team.

  1. Offer Greater Guidance for Career Paths

    As a manager, you must find time to spend with your employees, helping them plan and fine-tune where they want to take their careers and how to get there. Your people will appreciate your individual attention and guidance, which translates into greater loyalty.

  2. Place a Strong Focus on Technology

    Be a leader in the tools you provide and the skills your team can build. For example, offering access to the latest cloud-based HRIS systems can make their job easier, help them to expand their skill set and create a better employee experience.

  3. Support Advancement Through Upskilling

    Always make a point of talking to your employees about upskilling in areas that may be new to them. Examples include Payroll analytics, AI-supported payroll systems, and employee-friendly mobile apps.

  4. Look Out for Your Team's Wellness

    When workloads are high, and the pressure is on, it can be difficult for payroll professionals to step away from the computer. Here are some ways you can increase your team's sense of well-being:

    • Pay attention to employees' work results, not how or when they accomplish them
    • Provide helpful resources
    • Offer access to the latest technology
    • Put mobile access in perspective
    • With many duties to keep on top of, help to prioritize
    • Respect downtime
    • Anxious managers create anxious employees, so give them autonomy
    • Consider bringing in contract professionals to alleviate bottlenecks

"Payroll professionals engage across every level of the organization, which means their work has wide visibility. By being supportive and responsive to their new and emerging priorities, you are sure to build a strong and flexible payroll team," concludes Michael French.

What other tactic would you add as the fifth step to being a great payroll manager leader? Tell us in the comments section below.  

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