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    It depends on your needs and budget. Don’t just go by what the sales person tells you . Ask about price per payroll, what they charge for ROE’s, special reports, and standard reports. What do they consider a “standard report”. Ask for demo’s that show how to create your own report, samples of their standard reports, and anything else that you specifically need.

    Dayforce :OK but rather restricted, and does not allow employees who have terminated during the year to see old paystubs/T4’s, or even current T4’s unless company wants to spend mega bucks to allow them to keep their access. As well they charge a lot for little things that all add up. Also, if your company has more than one business number it can become confusing if you have someone that works under more than one business number as employees can not have multiple employee numbers. ie: McDonald employee working at two different locations.

    ADP: OK and a lot cheaper in long run than Dayforce. Employee can have more than one employee number. Easier to navigate and run own reports.

    September 15, 2022 at 11:45