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    I have been working from home off and on, with full time home in March 2020 until Sept 2020. I loved it, sadly there were days I put in way too many hours, but I quickly learned how to not do that. I was able to spend time with the family – could hold conversations and work at the same time, listen to them practice music or watch them do their online gym classes 🙂 I was also able to spend the last few months of my puppers life with him without worrying about what was happening to him. I also changed jobs during the 2021 year, and have still continued to have the flexabilty to work from home when required. I also found that I was able to get more done, both at home and with work. I never really get up from my desk when I am in the office, but at home, I was able to get laundry, a little housework, etc done as those were easy 5 minutes away from the computer breaks and be home when contractors/repair people came and still worked.. I was/am in constant contact with co workers when I am at home, as my job requires the interaction. I love the idea of being able to choose whether I want to work from home for a day or in the office.

    June 28, 2022 at 13:45