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    We use Ceridian Dayforce as our HRIS system. It is module driven and for it to work as designed, you do need some core modules. As with any HRIS system, there is nothing perfect but some come close. It is a matter of what you need, what you can get and llive with, and, of course, the cost.
    Choosing an HRIS system will always come down to cost. Always do your research – find out what you can’t live without, what you can live without, and what would be nice to have. Be specific in questions you ask – give some examples of what you need, and don’t let someone tell you that “it’s in the works” because it could take a long time to get what you want.
    happy hunting and researching – don’t rush and give yourself lots of time for research (at least 6 months) and then the same amount of time for converting to a new system. This is not a quick process if you want it done right.

    August 16, 2023 at 12:19