Payroll professionals are responsible for ensuring that employees receive their paycheques accurately and on time. With the increasing complexity of payroll administration, it's essential for payroll professionals to possess certain skills to excel in their roles. We asked members of the 17th Floor community what the necessary skills a payroll professional needs to succeed, and this is what they shared:

Time-management skills; compliance knowledge; problem-solving skills; dependability & discretion, and proficiency with industry software.

Payroll professionals have to be really effective communicators. They must be able to communicate/translate legislation to employers/employees, so it is simpler to understand but still accurate. There also has to be a passion to stay educated and up-to-date with legislation and how it affects their work.

Payroll professionals should be patient, understanding and willing to share their expertise to help others. These professionals have a deep knowledge of legislation to help employees and employers.

Detailed oriented, ability to review and analyze data and be system savvy. These are a few of the many qualities a payroll professional should have.

Organization, attention to detail, compassion and patience.

I think a payroll professional should be discreet, thorough, accurate, organized, a multitasker, and have time management skills. They should be able to understand all the payroll rules and processes but also explain it clearly to a non-payroll person (staff and managers).

Strong problem-solving skills and the desire to help employees understand their pay on a level they can understand.

Discretion; strong maths and numerical skills; dependability; problem-solving skills; and attentive knowledge with payroll compliances.

Attention to detail, analytical, passionate about people and willingness to keep up with the constantly changing legislation.


Having these skills will help payroll professionals perform their job duties efficiently, accurately, and effectively. They will also provide a competitive edge in the job market and position the payroll professional for career growth.

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