What makes you feel rewarded in your job?

  • George YangGeorge Yang
    Community Manager
      May 22, 2024 at 09:00
    • Caitlin Henderson, PCPCaitlin Henderson, PCP
      Advocates Council

        Positive feedback from management, being asked for my opinion, increases in salary and when I balance that tricky spreadsheet!

        May 23, 2024 at 12:01
      • Cindy LewisCindy Lewis
        Member since Sep 2022

          When an employee takes the time out of their busy day to thank me for helping them with a payroll or benefit issue, I feel respected and needed.

          May 23, 2024 at 13:19
        • Kasey Johnstone, PCPKasey Johnstone, PCP
          Member since Apr 2023

            I love it when I get positive feedback from management or even my co-workers, it reminds me that I’m doing a great job. Being recognized by management in a public or community setting (could even be in a team chat for example).

            Being asked my opinion on company issues and using them to work on the solution.

            Being involved in large projects that help improve the company.

            Being rewarded with extra personal days/ being able to leave early.

            May 23, 2024 at 13:34
          • Heather ShawHeather Shaw
            Member since May 2022

              Balancing a spreadsheet! And autonomy in my job.

              May 23, 2024 at 15:12
              • Caitlin Henderson, PCPCaitlin Henderson, PCP
                Advocates Council

                  Yes, I love that balanced spreadsheet. My family knows my happy dance well, when I win!

                  I agree Heather, autonomy is also huge. It takes a little while to prove that you can be trusted and is so rewarding when you get there.

                  May 24, 2024 at 09:57
              • Denise BurnettDenise Burnett
                Member since Apr 2022

                  Personal recognition of the effort and work that I do from peers and management, personal autonomy in my work and trust in my skills, abilities, and recommendations, completing a challenging task/project, solving problems for others

                  May 27, 2024 at 09:12
                • Jackie BeynenJackie Beynen
                  Member since Apr 2022

                    Positive feedback, opportunities to learn and grow and of course a monetary increase from time to time.

                    June 7, 2024 at 08:39
                  • Maria ChengMaria Cheng
                    Member since Apr 2023

                      A promotion or management recognition at an annual event.

                      June 19, 2024 at 18:18