How do you ensure work/life balance?

  • George YangGeorge Yang
    Community Manager
      June 12, 2024 at 09:00
    • Caitlin Henderson, PCPCaitlin Henderson, PCP
      Advocates Council

        It can be a challenge when your office is in your dining room. But I have set clear start and end times for my work day and have alarms set on my phone during the day to get up and stop staring at a screen. I am a list maker, so I have a list of things I enjoy doing outside of work. Sometimes I find myself wondering what to do and then I just work, so having the list draws my attention and allows me to think of doing something else other than working.

        June 13, 2024 at 09:48
      • Denise BurnettDenise Burnett
        Member since Apr 2022

          I make sure that I actually take a lunch and step away from my work space (try to get outside, be active, do something that is not on a device, have a healthy meal). The end of my day isn’t always the same because sometimes I end up working late, but once I am done, I don’t check emails, open my work laptop, or anything work-related. I also make sure I take my vacation days as downtime is very important.

          June 13, 2024 at 16:15
        • Maria ChengMaria Cheng
          Member since Apr 2023

            I do not know whether it is “balance” but I definitely will set some time for myself. When it is my times, I will close the computer, do not look at the phone, go outside for a short walk or enjoy my coffee.

            June 19, 2024 at 18:00