Do you think outside of work team building is necessary for team culture?

  • George YangGeorge Yang
    Community Manager
      June 5, 2024 at 09:00
    • Denise BurnettDenise Burnett
      Member since Apr 2022

        I think it can be a bonding experience for a team to spend time outside of work together, in a different environment and a different capacity. It is great if those experiences are voluntary and self-directed at a team level but if they were to be prompted or organized by management, staff may see it as an expectation and feel pressured to participate which may create resentment and have a negative impact on the team culture. Social events can be planned for staff outside of work hours but participation must be voluntary or it defeats the purpose. Staff may see it as work time encroaching on their personal time. I think that some team building time and social time should be built into organization events or team meetings on work time if the need is there and if it is a priority for the organization.

        June 11, 2024 at 12:04
      • Caitlin Henderson, PCPCaitlin Henderson, PCP
        Advocates Council

          No, I do not think team building during employees time off is necessary. I think mandatory team building outside of work can cause the opposite effect and employees can harbour resentment causing poor morale. I do however think that some team building during work hours is necessary. It is important to feel connected to those you are working with. When the relationship is only professional it can be a challenge to be empathetic and relational. Take time to chat, get to know your co-workers and laugh with them.

          June 11, 2024 at 12:19
        • Lawrence RosalesLawrence Rosales
          Member since Jul 2024

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