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    Hello Brigitte
    Myself Raj Gurnani
    Its been pleasure to connect with you

    I have completed my Payroll legislation and looking forward for payroll Fundamentals 1 from NPI,
    But its been struggling for me to get a job into payroll administrator / coordinator as everyone is asking for Experience and i worked at zone placements as payroll intern but my job was only limited to data entry and didn’t got any knowledge about payroll processing.
    Can you please guide me from where should i start to gain some bit exposure to payroll processing. And what skills do we really required to get into entry level job
    If you can It will be much helpful for me.
    You can reach out to me on rajgurnani24@gmail.com
    I am looking for entry level job in payroll industry any help will be highly appreciated
    Thank you all
    Kind Regards
    Raj Gurnani

    March 25, 2024 at 20:20