Caitlin Henderson, PCPCaitlin Henderson, PCP
Advocates Council

    I have used Dayforce (formerly Ceridian) for about 5 years now, and just completed an implementation for a new organization.
    This program is huge and has so much room for customization. I have found if you can think it up, the system can do it, however there might be an extra charge.
    There is a learning curve, which I highly recommend you go through, because the system is so robust it is not always the most intuitive. They have an education center that is subscription based where you can take courses tailored to your role as well as advanced courses. Up to three people in your org can have access for the base subscription.
    We are currently working with our in house software development team to work on some projects to tailor Dayforce even more for some of our departments.
    I know many people complain their customer service is lacking, however I have opened many tickets and they have all been replied to quickly and the majority of the time I get a helpful answer.

    I have never used the software globally, but they do serve 200+ countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

    Good luck on your hunt.

    March 13, 2024 at 10:06