Kathryn HillKathryn Hill
Advocates Council

    Jenna, I cannot remember the cost but I suggest you just reach out to Pacific Timesheet to ask for a quote. A really neat feature of this system is that it had a great employee expense module so employees around the world could submit an on-line expense claim even in different currencies like Canadian, AU, US and German. This allowed Finance to have things coded directly to valid expense codes. I believe the costs were a set $ per user. We were then able to reimburse employees on the pay run using a non taxable field. This would make a payment directly to their bank accounts and save some time for finance staff. The system was very user friendly and was truly customizable to various groups e.g. Finance Team, Software Team, Technical Support Team. We even had shift codes and various work weeks, e.g. 37.50, 30.00, 24.00 hours per week. The employer is able to make all kinds of changes to the parameters.

    July 8, 2023 at 19:12