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    Hi Vish, yes it is possible to build a career around HR and Payroll technology without any technical IT background. In my career the Business Analyst and HRIS roles I’ve held benefited from my strong functional expertise… I like to think that I can bridge the gaps and facilitate understanding between the business folks and the very technical folks. I have no formal IT education but through training on various HR and Pay applications, and by working on system implementations, I have picked up enough technical knowledge to be able to ask the right questions and share insights as to how technology related decisions will impact the business operations and users. Working on smaller technology projects where you get exposed to all different aspects of a system implementation (design, configuration, data migration, testing, etc.) Is a great way to learn the skills and knowledge to be successful as a business analyst. The key word here is ‘business’ – technology supports businesses and people… the more you understand the business, the better you can leverage the technology to drive improvement. Hope this helps!!

    July 5, 2023 at 12:13