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    At a former company we also found the HCSA and EAP were being underused. It was frustrating because HR had to build our business case to have these items added to our resources. We held information sessions and “advertised” these services to our employee population. When we had our annual company BBQ (pre-Covid) we always invited our clients and suppliers/vendors to set-up booths to exhibit their products. We added an employee vendor section and invited our benefit reps, our EAP provider, a representative from Perkopolis, Mr. Safety Shoe, etc. This was very popular as the employees then were able to speak to representatives directly. We saw an uptick in usage and our EAP usage for counseling increased during COVID. Our paramedical services also increased and when an employee maxed out their coverage, they understood that they could then utilize their HCSA.

    June 21, 2023 at 09:27