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    Hi Ewa,
    We use Dayforce and have it set up to grant the employees their vacation entitlement in hours at the beginning of the year, based on the entitlement rules set up in Dayforce entitlements. Example, grant 80 hours (2 weeks) for those employed between 1 to 5 years at January 1. We have no issues with going in negative. However, with hourly employees, we also have vacation dollar accrual set up (it is a memo, system doesn’t deduct what is paid, Ceridian couldn’t get that figured out when we implemented) and this is where it gets difficult. If an employee takes all their time, then leaves the company, could be in a negative dollar accrual. Also, I have to manually calculate the vacation dollar amount owing when employee leaves the company (Vacation accrual less vacation paid).

    May 4, 2023 at 15:04