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    Hi Caitlin, we spoke with Ceridian. Even if we switch to allotments (ie. give everyone their allotment for the entire year on day 1 of the year) we will not be able to easily see what’s actually accrued at any given point. Also, because we have only implemented Dayforce last year, we could only go back that far and would not be able to import/ see opening balances from before the implementation. The whole process for switching it over seemed very tedious, with lots of room for error.

    We are in fact moving away from Dayforce and are implementing Bamboo HR as our time tracking and vacation tracking platform (we’ve already implemented them as our HR – onboarding/ offbording/ training – platform, and only seems natural to expand to time and vacation tracking as well). Just need to figure out how to make data flow between Bamboo and Power Pay, which we’re sticking with for now.

    April 20, 2023 at 14:30